The Concept Of Time In Hinduism

This is an improvised version of the previous video Time or Kala in Hinduism. Hinduism accepts time as relative to the worlds. Time is also part of the illusion to which we are subject. The time of gods is different from the time of ours. Their days and nights are much longer than ours. In Hinduism time is equated with death, because there is a limited life span for everyone. God’s day begins with the creation of world when He expands outwardly. His night begins when He withdraws the worlds into Himself and dissolves the creation. The outward expansion and inward contraction of Brahman is similar to the modern theories about the origin of the universe. There is an orderliness in the universe which is termed as Rta. It is the law of God or dharma which keeps the planets in their orbits and ensures the regular succession of time.