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Online Ganesh Pooja for health wealth and prosperity

Lord Ganesh is the guardian of a Hindu house and is always found over the main door of the house. In some houses, Siddi Vinayak, Ganpati, Gajanand or Ganeshji as he is lovingly called in different parts of India, can be found over the main door on the inner side of the house while in some houses he can be found over the main door on the outer side. It all depends on the house owner’s ‘special relationship’ with the Lord. Some house owners feel Ganeshji would be happy on the outer side of their main door while others feel uncomfortable to see the Lord outside, facing the elements while they remained protected inside. Of course, the Lord would only smile to himself seeing all this confusion but surely will guard his devotee’s house whether he is stationed inside or outside the main door.

There are many stories in Hindu tradition about Ganeshji and for those who are very interested to know all these stories about the Lord, there is a world of reading and research that needs to be done, so much so that even the person’s lifetime won’t be enough for the purpose. However, the popular belief is that Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Most devotees are very curious to know about the elephant head of the Lord while many others are also curious about the Lord’s mount (vahan), the humble mouse, which is always seen close to Ganeshji’s feet, with a laddoo in his paws.

Children especially, are very interested to know about the mouse and ask questions like, ‘Is the mouse eating the Lord’s laddoo?’ or, ‘How does the Lord manage to sit on the little mouse’s back?’ In the process, parents and guardians have to invent answers to satisfy their children’s relentless curiosity about the plump Lord and his tiny mount. Such curiosities often remain with people till late in their lives which is not how the Lord would like his devotees to remember him. Apparently, there’s a meaning behind everything that is depicted in the religious texts and that’s why it becomes necessary to perform a pooja for Ganeshji from time to time.

The name of Lord Ganesh is always taken before starting any new initiative or enterprise. In fact, if you go to any temple where different deities reside, devotees do the parikrama (going in a clockwise round of the temple to bow down to all the deities), beginning with Lord Ganesh. His name is chanted for auspiciousness as in “Shubh Laab”. Performing his pooja is beneficial for success in any new venture for removing any hurdles (Vigneshwara) and above all, for overall peace and happiness. Performing Ganesh pooja helps in prosperity and fulfillment of desires.

Wherever you may be located, you can do the Lord’s pooja in real time. There’s an age-old system of doing Ganeshji’s pooja that has been done in the same way since time immemorial. There are specific schools of (poojaris) priests who can conduct this pooja and ensure the blessings of the Lord for the devotee conducting the pooja. You can access the pooja being done in your name in India from wherever in the world you’re located. All that you need to do is switch on your phone, tablet or laptop on the specified date and time and not just see the pooja being conducted live but also do the pooja virtually.

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