‘Now, they are trying to rule over Dalits saying they are Hindus’ – KARNATAKA


A few days after Kannada writer Chandrasekhar Patil gave a controversial call to the people to support secular parties at the Kannada Sahitya Sammelan in Mysuru, Sri Nijagunananda Swami of Nishchal Mutt has made a similar appeal to the people. “I urge you to support secular leaders and parties. Don’t support communal leaders or parties,” he said at the anti-blind belief day in Belagavi on Wednesday. “You may ask me why I am making such statements. I am a citizen first and then a swami. Hence, my statement,” he said.

“In this country, 90 % of the population belongs to the deprived classes. We should all get together to support parties that promise equality and not those who try to divide us and preach hatred between groups,” he said.

To create hatred against minorities, some political forces are putting up events such as the Dharma Samsad. “This is not to protect the nation and its rich and glorious heritage. It is to protect the divisive and communal Hindutva forces,” he said. “We should realise that it was not the Acharyas of Hinduism who gave justice to the Dalits and the deprived. It was B.R. Ambedkar’s Constitution,” he said.

“Religious leaders who gathered at the Dharma Samsad have resolved to root out untouchability. They are putting up a farce and nothing else. It is a play with words. They don’t mean it. First, they cheated the deprived classes of this country in the name of the Aryan race, then with words such as Brahmin, Vipra or Purohit. Now, they are trying to rule over us saying that they are Hindus. This is an attempt to pull the wool over our eyes,” he said.

Deprived communities should realise the designs behind such acts. Some groups are trying to install Ganesh idols in Dalit localities. “We should not forget that the same people did not allow untouchables into Ganesh temples for centuries. We should also realise that Vedas were written by non-Brahmins, but were later hijacked by the Brahmins,” he said. He expressed concern that some Dalit leaders at the national level were joining the Vedic forces. “You should be an Ambedkarite Dalit and not Hindutva leaders. We should realise that they use Dalit leaders only for representation,” he said.

He also said that the electronic media had become a platform for peddling blind belief.

Satish Jarkiholi, convenor of the event, said that the event would henceforth be an annual one.


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