Interview with Balaji: “Hinduism is a Technology Stack for Health, Wealth and Happiness.”

Experience immense intelligence, clarity and inner joy for yourself; come to Inner Awakening!

In the meantime, prepare yourself to receive the Ultimate awakening by taking BALAJI and SWARUPAPRIYA’s 21 DAY CHALLENGE! We absolutely guarantee you’ll be healthier, more energetic and determined when you do. If you don’t think so… go ahead; try to prove us wrong. 🙂

Test out the technology of Hinduism for 21 days, and see how it affects your life:

1. Eat pure vegetarian, (vegan if you don’t have access to cruelty free, raw milk) organic, sattvic food. Nothing processed, no white sugar, avoid salt, and avoid mushrooms, onions, seaweed, garlic and green chili, which are not satvic- they create restlessness and dullness in the body-mind system.

2. Do some yoga every day! We recommend a solid hour of moving, bending, stretching, and breathing with your movement. If you’ve never done yoga before and you don’t know what kind of yoga to do, try the free online Nithyananda Yoga classes here:

3. Meditate every day. It can be right when you wake up, right before going to bed, any time in between. In the Vedas, it’s revealed that between 4 and 8 AM we recreate our minds because the patterns and thoughts that surface in us during that 4 hour span are the foundation for our inner space throughout the entire day. For this reason, at Inner Awakening, and in the Nithyananda adheenam, we start hour day at this time. If you’re really intense, you can stop up your challenge and do yoga at 4:00. I recommend Life Bliss Meditation, or Nithya Dhyaan:

4. Watch a daily video by Swamiji. (Paramahamsa Nithyananda.)

Listening to, and seeing the body language of, a living avatar is one way your mind internalizes His state and your being makes a connection. This is one part of my daily routine I NEVER missed, and you’ll also find how enjoyable it is to get “clicks” of wisdom every time you watch.

Besides this, enjoy meeting Balaji, an amazing pillar of Hinduism’s new generation, and living proof of the glory of the Hindu technology for enlightenment.

Balaji Srinivasan is one of the coolest people I know. When I first met him, I assumed he’s just a laid back, down to earth guy from California who just happens to follow Swamiji. After getting to know him, though, I see him as a great living example of the science of Hindu traditions in practice. Born to an Indian family in the USA, Balaji was raised pure vegetarian, with an awareness of the Vedic scriptures, meditation and more. In his early adult life, he realized that slipping from that Hindu upbringing was causing a downslide in his inner space, so he got scientific with his life and started practicing Hinduism again, not just as a religion, but also as a technical system that leads to maximizing life’s potential. He obtained multiple degrees from Ivy league universities before the age of 24, and co-founded a successful startup in the field of advanced diagnostic technology.