Hinduism Common Questions & my Answers…

I must confess first, that I am not an expert in Hinduism in any way. This is the result of my own journey of understanding Hinduism as a common man. My own spiritual journey started when I could not answer my son’s question why we pray to crazy looking animals….!

Why Hindu’s have so many “Gods”?, Why Hindu’s pray to Cows & Crazy looking animals? Why women wear red dot on forehead? What is Dharma, Karma etc.. are some of the questions answered.

This presentation is the result of talking to school children in my town (part of international religious studies) in Australia about Hinduism as a volunteer.

I am sharing to public with hope this may assist any one wanting to know about Hinduism, spirituality & god. etc. and to help parents facing questions by their children like me….!

I acknowledge Himalayan Academy’s publication Hinduism 10 common questions, for which I have added more from my own readings from many different scriptures.

This presentation was initially prepared for my talks on Hinduism in Australian high schools as part of their international religious studies.

Dr. Shashidhar Venkatesh Murthy.