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in the whole world india is the most important location for cultural sacrifice , non killing , kindness, good habits , because in this country lot of saints arose and still living in hidden and openly at himalayas . sincerity, promptness, true life, broad mind, helping tendency, kindness, respect to elders, family life, penal codes with culture , humanity, protecting animals , cleanness ,hygienic -aacharam, fearing from does of sin awareness , morel life style counselling from srimad ramayana mahabharatham and more shasthraas , really we proud our self we are indians temples of god country because thousands of temple made in every major cities funded by domestic money by poor,middle class people throe hard earned money.ritual performance ,lectures ,classes,chants ,charity are every in daily basis at every were .even before thousands of yrs attacked cultures, destroyed lot of temples at the time of foreign empire likely British, muslims ,parsik, mugal and more . not only destroyed looted money in millions from in india . how ever we standing in our own culture till today it is wholly blessings of god ,saints . we must hard work to recover our culture spread all over world teach to our children ,youngsters it will help to universally for unity ,peace of mind .thank you